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Rebecca Porter's brand of country music is heartfelt and honest.

A singer-songwriter born in Guam and raised in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, Porter continues to forge her way in the realm of country and Americana with songs that showcase her commanding voice, as well as her distinctive storytelling. A voice that cuts through the smoke and odors of the divey-est bar in town, Porter prides herself on her ability to soar with listeners to the highest of highs and sing them through the lowest of lows.

With her performance resume spanning more than a decade, in February 2022 Porter independently released her debut EP Prime Rainbow Conditions, recorded and engineered at River Wash Recording with Jacob Briggs in Richmond, Virginia. Rachel Cholst, writer and editor-in-chief of Adobe & Teardrops, Cholst described, "Porter’s new song 'Prime Rainbow Conditions' channels classic country perfection with swooning guitars and the clear, brilliant tone of Porter’s voice." Richmond, Virginia music writer Andrew Cothern shared in his music newsletter RVA Playlist, “Virginia-based singer and songwriter Rebecca Porter brings a nice blend of classic country and southern soul with her latest EP. It's a delight from start to finish. Fans of Dolly Parton or Alison Krauss will feel right at home with this record." Most recently, Gregory Walker reviewed Porter's EP on his blog Prism Reviews, "The album is a showcase for an impressive voice and impressive story telling... It illustrates her acumen as a songwriter, in her own right, and wets the whistle to hear her live or anticipate a full album from her direction."

Porter's premier release received several playlist placements including Music Mecca, The Women of Country, Next Women of Country, She Wolf Radio, IndieFlow, The Country Brothers Podcast, HearRVA, Whiskey Riff, and Country Central. “Prime Rainbow Conditions” was voted by artists and musicians to be a part of music distributor DistroKid's country playlist. Additionally, The Women of Country exclusively premiered the music video for Porter’s chilling ballad “Shadow of Doubt”.


Rebecca Porter recorded her debut EP Prime Rainbow Conditions

at River Wash Recording in Richmond, Virginia.

Produced by Jacob Briggs

Songwriting, Vocals & Acoustic Guitar by Rebecca Porter

Upright bass by Tim Denbo

Percussion & drums by Jacob Briggs

Pedal steel & electric guitar by Kevin Inge

Engineer & Mixing by Jacob Briggs

Mastering by Marcelo Pennell

first session!
jacob thornton at river wash recording
photo courtesy of jacob Thornton
there in spirit!
kevin inge on pedal steel
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