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Rebecca Porter is a singer-songwriter based in Harrisonburg, Virginia.

Rebecca Porter balances her distinctive storytelling with the dynamics of her commanding voice in a unique display of soulful classic country.

A singer-songwriter born in Guam and raised in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, Rebecca Porter continues to forge her way in country music with songs that are heartfelt and honest. 

A lifelong innate connection to music guided Porter into performing live as a young adult. Through  a decade’s worth of live performance with Harrisonburg-Rockingham County area musicians, Porter learned the ropes of life as a performing and recording artist. When her work in cover bands came to a pause after the birth of her first child, Porter found herself stumbling through parenting an infant during a global pandemic. The pandemic and motherhood left Porter yearning for the return to connection and music.

In spring 2020, Porter sat down and committed to playing guitar and writing independently. The songs and stories she wrote helped her process a rocky childhood and young adult life checkered with domestic violence, generational trauma, discrimination that coincided with her life as a Pacific Islander woman growing up in rural Virginia, as well as more current struggles with postpartum loneliness and recurring depression.

Porter transformed her pandemic loneliness into two EPs - “Prime Rainbow Conditions” and 2023’s “Queen of the Local”, the latter of which was successfully crowdfunded based on Porter's formidable regional power. Porter tours extensively around her home state of Virginia, and steadily increasing forays outside the state, commanding stages up and down the East Coast. With completely independent legwork, her EP is making rounds nationally and internationally. Her body of work, including her new music video, is available here.

Audiences react wonderfully to the fusion of Porter's honky tonk infused singer-songwriter sounds. She tours with a tight, professional band, but can hold her own in a room solo if necessary.


Prime Rainbow Conditions Queen of the Local (Deluxe) 

Recorded at River Wash Recording in Richmond, Virginia.

Prime Rainbow Conditions

Produced by Jacob Briggs

All songs written by Rebecca Porter

Rebecca Porter - Acoustic guitar & Vocals

Jacob Briggs - Drums & Percussion

Kevin Wade Inge - Pedal steel & Electric guitar
Tim Denbo - Upright bass

Mixed by Jacob Briggs 
Mastered by Marcelo Pennell 

Queen of the Local (Deluxe)

Co-produced by Jacob Briggs & Rebecca Porter

All songs written by Rebecca Porter

Rebecca Porter - Acoustic guitar & Vocals
Jacob Briggs - Drums & Percussion
Kevin Wade Inge - Acoustic, Electric & Pedal steel guitar
Landon Elliott - Bass 
Megan Tiller - Fiddle 
Micah Hulscher - Keys 
Ross Wright - Keys 
Tim Denbo - Bass 

Mixed by Jacob Briggs 
Mastered by Marcelo Pennell 

first session!
jacob thornton at river wash recording
photo courtesy of jacob Thornton
there in spirit!
kevin inge on pedal steel
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